I prefer to make my phone wallpapers when I am in a calm mood. This particular set reflects one of the serene states I was in earlier this week. This week has been one of the continued family struggles and worries over a relative. I couldn’t sleep for nearly 48 hours a few days ago, and my stress level was through the roof. Sometimes I like to sit in our office for a short while in front of the computer, and doing so will relax me, and I find the inspiration to create my wallpapers or start to write a blog post. Other times, I will simply sit and watch the bubbles floating around on my screensaver.

During this torrential time, the extent of my thankfulness for the ability to still escape to my creative past times is vast. In the past, I have lost my inspiration to produce something artistic, be it writing, art, or photography. I’m sure other creative people have an idea of how hard it is to get back into their artistic endeavors when life gets a bit difficult. When I take a break and spend time in my creative space, sometimes those surroundings are enough to coax inspiration out, and the ideas will flow again. What do you do to restart inspiration?

These four wallpapers came from my moods at that brief time. I used common backgrounds and effects to pull together a cohesive set. This phone wallpaper set and many more are available for purchase at phonewallpaper.art. Click Follow Me at my page and enter your email address to receive new notifications and coupons.