Stress came in like a storm and raged for a week or two in August. I tried to prepare for this acute disruption by using artistic avenues while the stress storm was only simmering towards the beginning. This personal crisis ebbed and flowed like the monsoon season we were having. The rain was perpetually coming down in sheets, droned on at a steady pace for hours, or drizzled here and there. The sun always managed to peek out from the clouds here and there to give us a couple of dry days. Eventually and slowly, things are returning to normal. When it was impossible to work on projects, any available free time was spent researching and planning new projects. This plan was necessary to keep the head above water. It took a while to recover, but I am limping back into my old non-routine of creativity. Mental illness is tragic and disruptive, and seeing people you love or living with it yourself can be a nightmare. When you suffer from one and are trying to help another individual who also does, bad triggers can go off, and then you have two people going down the chaotic pit of despair.This set of phone wallpapers came out before the stress storm hit full force.