Summertime is rolling to a close, fighting the cool crisp autumn with a few 97 degree days. The sun is retiring earlier each evening, and the mosquitos are getting vicious. I’ve got the itchy red bumps to prove it. I can feel October patiently waiting for its turn to come around this year. I can’t wait for the pumpkin patches to open. I hope to get one this year, to carve a jack-o-lantern on Halloween. September is nothing to sneeze at either, for there are a lot of birthdays in my family.

August was tumultuous for our household and went by without a trip to one of the lakes. I’ve had time for reflection on how crazy life has been. Now I am looking towards the fall with anticipation and optimism. It seems like when you think you’ve had more than you can handle, the chaos will finally ease up. He gives us time to catch a second wind. We’ve weathered one crisis with one of our sons and a nasty break-up after the birth of a child. Now we’re starting to witness the same thing with our other son’s family. I pray things will work out and am left wondering why it is so hard for younger people to stick with each other after they’ve married and produce offspring.

At any rate, I am still working on showing you all of August’s phone wallpaper sets. Set four is red, but it’s not an angry type of red. I was messing around with a couple of plaid backgrounds, and I like red. It’s a color that represents strength for me in this instance. I needed all the strength I could muster in August. If you enjoy this phone wallpaper set and would like to have it on your phone, visit