Summer is fading fast here in the desert mountains. Next week the autumnal equinox will arrive on the 24th. The harvests will be underway, and the schools will be firmly seated in their new semester. Soon after the equinox, the leaves will begin turning yellow, and the wind will strip them from the trees. It was a long and stressful summer, and I am ready for some relief. The drama ran rampant around the family tree this summer. Fall is most welcome in my camp. I have an extremely cautious optimism regarding our new season, as it’s historically known as a rough time of year for several family members. Seasonal depression sometimes creeps up on me, so I have to stay diligent to look out for the signs of a decline in my functioning. I need to remember to eat right, try to get some exercise, and maintain a sufficient amount of sleep. I need to remember that I have a strong support system I can rely on if I start to slip into the blues. I also have to return that support to my loved ones, who probably will be slapped by depression as they have in previous years. I pray that things will remain at some level of normalcy this season. But like August, if it does, I will have to look forward to the good days when they happen and appreciate that.

Set 5 of my August Phone Wallpaper series came to creation at a time of turmoil that I’ve written about in previous posts. It reflects a time when I was trying to pull things together after the majority of the drama passed. The colors seemed calm and therapeutic, and I wanted to self-soothe. If you find this set appealing, you should stop by and see my other phone wallpaper sets. If you find something you like and want to support this blog, these sets are available for purchase.