Like many other people who have animal companions, ours are not just pets but members of our family. We have two male cats, Vincent and Reese, and a goldfish named Bullet in our household. If things were up to my husband, we would also have a goat, chickens, and many chihuahuas. I adopted Vincent from my sister, who could not keep him when she moved. We got Bullet and Charlie the fish. Charlie died after Reese came into the picture as a barely weaned kitten who turned intrepid hunter.

We love our furry family members so much, so they are spoiled. They love us too. Vincent is so affectionate I gave him the “Fancy Name” SirCuddleBunny. He is somewhere between 14-16 years old. My husband (B) gave Reese the fancy name TigerSparkySillyButt. He turned one in April. They have plenty of other nicknames as well, and the cats know them all. But for all we do to care for them, it does not compare to how they care for us.

Wildlife has also held my interest since childhood. B and I like to sit outside and observe the birds, lizards, and insects abundant on the property. You may call me easily amused because I can watch an ant carrying an insect wing over gravel for quite some time. When we go out to the lakes, I bring a camera to shoot geese, ducks, and dragonflies. For creatures with tiny brains, the complex way they all function is fascinating to me. I love learning about them from the nature shows and am glad Disney+ and Netflix have plenty of them.

That said, Set 6 of my August phone wallpaper series is of animals. The goose and dragonfly were from lakes around the county. The cat is Reese, and the dog on the beach is Robusta, my Aunt’s former companion who crossed the rainbow bridge many years ago. If you like this set, stop by my store/gallery and view my other wallpapers. If you are interested in receiving offers for free phone wallpapers and discounts, use the “Follow” button to submit your email.