I’ve written about recently discovering that I am capable of more than I realized. An “I think I can” attitude goes a long way, especially when attempting to accomplish goals with what seems to be impossible tasks. Success may not come quickly, but with persistence and earnest effort, it is possible to realize. No one who has faced a challenging goal and overcomes the obstacles will tell you that it will be easy. The people who visualize success keep telling themselves they can until they believe they can usually achieve it. Patience and perseverance are required.

Having that “I think I can” attitude may also apply to a person riding out emotional issues and crises, grief, depression, or loss. There is a recovery group that translates this attitude into the mantra “This too shall pass.” The same basic principle will apply to almost any mantra you may use. Remaining positive is the imperative operator when attempting to clear personal hurdles.

If you have something looming before you that you feel you cannot do something, tell yourself that you think you can. Look at what you can accomplish that may clear away obstacles, and work on them one at a time. You may not be able to climb straight up a mountain, but you can certainly work your way up a winding path to the top. You may find that you can get there eventually.

On Set 1 of my September phone wallpaper series, I tried to use soothing colors. It was hard to sit down and produce something at all this week. But I used the mantra “you can do this” as I prayed for inspiration. Getting started was one of the smaller obstacles for that week. If you would like to decorate your phone with these soothing wallpapers, or view my entire gallery of works, click the button below. Fpllow phonewallpaper.art to recieve news, freebies, and discounts.