In late July of this year, I walked into at least two stores, and to my shock and dismay, I saw the Christmas merchandise on display. In July. I pondered on the why’s of this, and the only reason I could think of as why they would do this is Covid-19. Maybe it is in anticipation of a winter outbreak. I received my two vaccinations and came in contact with two people who contracted Covid since then. Last year I went to the hospital for some tests, and they told me only four people were in there with Covid. That is how small our town is. It’s also scary how there seem to be more cases now, and there’s not much talk or action taken on it.

While Christmas is not my favorite holiday, Halloween is. It’s the one night of the year where people get to be something or someone they aren’t. It’s a time to reflect on and remember loved ones who have passed on. Halloween night is a night where all the creepy and spooky gets to hang loose, and in history, it’s a rumor that people wore masks on Halloween to fend off evil spirits. If a person wears a mask on Halloween night, the spirits would not recognize them and leave them alone. Halloween is a celebration of the Harvest.

So I figured I would start my Halloween early by creating a few sets of phone wallpapers. The typical way I celebrate the holiday is by watching at least one scary movie a night while enjoying chocolate. Not very healthy, but it’s satisfying. Instead of putting decorations on the house, I am making them for the phone. In modern times, most trick or treaters visit churches or event centers for safe trick or treating. I find myself missing the days when we had to march up and down sidewalks to spooky houses to fill our bags with treats. If you like this spooky set of phone wallpapers, stay current with my posts, as there will be more to come. You can also purchase them at because it will support this site and make your phone screen look cool.