I never considered the idea of life being a haunted house, but everybody has their ghosts and ghouls. When I was younger, I personally experienced at least three hauntings. The first one I was too young to remember, but my mom always told me the story about how after my grandfather died, our doors would slam closed the way he used to close the doors. We moved into an old house later on. It used to be part of a farm but was sectioned off, and other homes were built around it. I do remember hearing someone walking around in the attic and occasional sawing noises. We were told by the neighbors next door that one of their relatives had lived in the house and was a carpenter when he was alive. The neighbors were descendants of the previous owners when it was a farm. Then, when I was in college, my friends and I rented an older house in the university area of Tucson. Every once in a while, a figure would be standing in the hallway. But if someone moved closer to see who it was, no one would be there. Several other visitors saw this figure, always in the hallway.

But as far as the quote goes, we are all haunted by life at some point. By events of loss, regret, or even better times. These sometimes bring about eerie or chilling feelings when coincidences happen, and we are reminded of our long-dead past. Art (creativity) can muffle the noise of these psychological hauntings, sometimes turning them into a painting or story. In this aspect, art does serve as the stair that doesn’t invade us with creepy mind noises. Most of the time, when I work on a project, my focus drowns out most of the haunting sounds of my past and present. Sometimes the finished work reflects the turmoil, other times, it transforms the distress into something beautiful.

With Set 4 of my September phone wallpaper series, I turned some photographs of houses from an old neighborhood in Colorado into a set of haunted houses. ‘Tis the season to celebrate the spooky. If you would like to adorn your android phone or tablet with this creepy art or would like to browse my other phone wallpapers, visit phonewallpaper.art.