I have a fascination with skulls. They are in the wall textures where other people might see hearts. I see them in the clouds, trees, and even in rocks. Every few years or so, I will pick up a new figurine, pen holder, wall hanging, or an alcohol bottle even. So far, I have six of such skulls that have survived a couple of moves over the years. Jack Skellington is one of my favorite Disney characters because, as a leader, he tries earnestly to bring the spirit of Christmas to Halloween Town. His attempt turns into a fiasco, but he learns a great lesson and bounces back to make his town thrive. His pumpkin skull face makes me think of the perfect duo-holiday movie with fond memories.

Skulls can serve as a reminder that we do not have an infinite time in our earthly bodies, and they can represent so many things beyond death. For some, the skull can represent courage and a warrior’s heart. We see how this was true for pirates and biker gangs. For others, they serve as a warning to protect us from potentially fatal outcomes. You will find a skull on poison bottles. In some customs, they are considered symbols of luck. In certain cultures, they are used to celebrate the lives of those who have departed this plane of existence and remind us to celebrate our own. In some traditions, skulls represent wisdom. I agree with all of these, and they also represent mystery and intrigue.

It isn’t surprising that I would create skull phone wallpaper sets for the season. The skulls I used look like they are grinning to me. This wallpaper set is number five in my September series. If you are interested in adorning your phone with this set, click on the button below.