Earlier this week, it rained as if buckets of water poured from above. It was cold, and we were out doing deliveries in it. After, we both slept in between shifts and woke up tired anyway. SAD has slammed its way back into my life. While it’s nearly impossible to get any housework done, and I’ve been wavering on my diet and sleep, I haven’t stopped fighting. I enjoy the cold, even though cold temperatures make me uncomfortable. What I mean is that while it is cold out, I try to focus that cold by paying attention to how my skin feels when the air hits it. I pay attention when an icy drop of rain lands on my arm. While I am cold, I wait for it to be warm again, and I pay attention to how my body feels as it gets warmer and more comfortable. Then I hold on to that feeling of comfort. I am mindful of it, and I let go of all the negative sensations. Ideally, I use mindfulness to distract from an uncomfortable situation. I allow myself to focus enough for time to pass quickly to a more comfortable setting, and I don’t become an irritable bundle of nerves. I try, and when it works, it works well.

The leaves are barely starting to turn gold here in our desert mountains. Most of the trees that actually change colors came from somewhere else. We have oaks, cottonwoods, and in higher elevations, there are aspens. More common are evergreens like pine and juniper. Our autumns are not as eventful as ones you would see back east, but I take what I can get and enjoy it just the same. I decided to create my own fall atmosphere with the sixth and final phone wallpaper set of September. If you are the type of person who loves autumn and would like to celebrate the season with these phone wallpapers, click on the link below.